Nuke Multiselect Script

This was a project I did in an afternoon after banging my head against Nuke for a little while. Basically I just wanted to add the ability to modify the settings in multiple nodes at the same time. Here’s a brief demo video:

Nuke Multiselect Behavior Modification Script from Will Cavanagh on Vimeo.

Keep reading for a bit on how it works and a link to the code.

The script works by attaching a callback with nuke.addKnobChanged(). This allowed me to capture any changes made to the active node. By copying the values in the changed knob to all knobs with identical names on other selected nodes, I generated the desired behavior.

I added a couple of extra “niceties” to this by allowing the user to toggle the modified behavior, and by having the selected nodes be a different color when the behavior is enabled.

Here’s the full source code.

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